Tupeak Hope

There is always hope!

We want to hear your story! Not only do we want to hear your story, but other visitors to the site will want to read it. People draw strength from those who are fighting or have fought the same fight they themselves are fighting. It reassures them that they are not alone and that they CAN survive whatever challenge lies in front of them because many people who came before have done just that.

Don’t think your story is that special? Let us and our readers be the judge of that. You would be absolutely amazed how many times people told me how much I inspired them by my story, and I stood there thinking to myself “All I did was refuse to give up and die. What was so special about that?!?” Apparently people still like the ‘underdog’ to win.

Not a writer? Don’t think you can put it into words? That’s okay too, because I’m a writer, and so are many of my friends. Just share your story with us (anonymously if you prefer) so that others may find strength and comfort knowing someone else has gone through the same thing and survived! Just to put your mind at ease before you ask, we will never share your personally identifiable information, unless you explicitly tell us to do so in writing. You can use whatever name or part of your name that you want. As to where your from, we ask that simply to share with other people who may read your story and be close to you. But you can be as vague or specific as you want. Don’t want people to know what town you live in within your listed state? For cases like this you can use your county name. Once again, any questions ask, for we are here to help YOU!

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